Thursday, 5 June 2014

Auto Call Recorder

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An app which is develop to help you record calls,Voice call recorder,
and save them; Auto call record by MiniClues entertainment is your
platform for recording voice calls and keep it with you forever.
free call recorder has an easy to access interface and is much faster
in its processing time. Auto call recorder can be integrated with
Dropbox, so that your call can be saved directly to your Dropbox folder
with just a touch.
The Auto call recorder works on all Android
phones with versions 2.2 and above. It has a convenient on/off button
that enables you to easily switch through disabling and enabling all
call recordings in no time. Sometimes when you do not want a call to be
recorded, this feature comes handy.
Sometimes, the whole conversation
is not important but only one side of it so as a user; you can decide
which part of the conversation you want to record. One can choose to
record the voices they sent through the MIC or the whole conversation.
These calls can be recorded in three different formats, that is, MPEG-4,
AMR and 3GP.
Among the above three formats, MPEG-4 is the top
quality voice recording and recording files on this format will be
higher in size whereas comparatively when you record videos to AMR and
3GP, the size of the file will be smaller. Switch between these audio
sources if you are not satisfied with the voice quality of a particular
After installing auto call recorder, it creates a folder on
the SD card on the phone where all the recordings will be stored and can
be accessed. So, this app can record voice calls for as long as there
is memory left in the SD card.

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Carolyn Carpeneti and the Long View on Executive Search

Carolyn Carpeneti’s clients view her as a strategic partner who knows how to build brand-renovating teams. By taking a holistic view of a company’s goals, its leadership and team culture, executive recruiter Carolyn Carpeneti has earned a unique reputation for finding ‘the needle in the haystack’ – that exceptional executive who not only has the right skills, but who will also be a great fit with the company’s culture.
Carolyn Carpeneti’s approach is to be highly proactive and dedicate a significant amount of time to each of her clients. She only works with a limited number of companies at a given time – far fewer than her executive search peers – in order to find and successfully place “game-changing” executives. By elevating executive search from a transaction into a long-standing partnership, Carolyn has built a long list of loyal clients who engage her to lead a range of strategic human capital projects that go far beyond traditional executive search.
Carolyn Carpeneti works with leading consumer, retail and digital companies spanning from large multinational firms, to early-stage startups to turn around situations. She specializes in collaborating closely with CEOs and their teams to build out their organizations with visionary, senior executives in a variety of functional areas focused on marketing, sales, business development, finance and human resources.
Recognizing and cultivating talent is key, but Carolyn Carpeneti’s real success may lie in her ability to truly assess a company’s culture. Carolyn explains that an executive might tick all the boxes when it comes to qualifications and experience, but if they don’t fit into a company’s overall culture, they won’t succeed in their role. “More often than not, you get hired for what you know, but you get fired for who you are,” Carolyn comments.
Carolyn’s aptitidue is in attracting and bringing fourth candidates who have precisely the “winning combination” that’s needed to help them excel once placed into an organization. She prides herself on the teams she builds, adding that she measures success not just by the placement of an executive, but by the longevity and the impact of that individual upon the company’s growth and value. Carolyn’s client assignments often stretch beyond traditional search placements into helping organizations build better internal practices when searching for and hiring executive talent.
In addition to executive level recruiting, consulting and long-term executive search solutions for companies, Carolyn also works as an advisor to private equity firms to guide them in the recruitment of strategic advisors, industry experts and Board members. In addition, she provides human capital due diligence for priviate equity and venture capital firms before and after the acquisition phase.
Prior to her career as an executive recruiter, Carolyn was the Principal of Carolyn Carpeneti & Company, a high-profile fundraising, event planning and PR firm. Carolyn worked on the production of a number of prestigious, large-scale events such as the 2000 San Francisco X-Games and the annual Women’s Conference, the 5000-person event that Carolyn created, which drew leading speakers such as Oprah Winfrey, Suzie Orman and Madeleine Albright.
Carolyn currently lives in Mill Valley, California. She is a frequent speaker to corporations and associations on human capital and talent acquisition.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Carolyn Carpeneti

Over the last decade, executive recruiter Carolyn Carpeneti has earned a reputation for building exceptional leadership teams. Carolyn partners with large iconic brands, early- and mid-stage companies, all with a common goal of finding and recruiting ‘game-changing’ senior executives. Carolyn recruites leaders of companies as well as a variety of functional leaders such as marketing, business development, finance and HR. By elevating executive search from a transactional relationship into a long-term alliance, Carolyn has built a long list of loyal clients who engage her, not only to recruit top talent, but also to advise them a number of strategic initiates.  
Previously, Carolyn was Principal of Carolyn Carpeneti & Company, a high-profile fundraising, event planning and public relations firm. Carolyn lives in Mill Valley, California.